Environmental Printing

Here at Lanes Printers, we understand that our carbon footprint can have an impact on our environment. Our journey is still ongoing but, here are some examples of the eco-friendly ways we are trying to decrease our carbon footprint:

  • Making a conscious effort to recycle ink, paper. metal plates, cardboard and other materials or waste.
  • Using low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) or VOC-free inks and coating for printing.
  • Offering biodegradable lamination and printing ensuring no waste is left behind.
  • We always work alongside sustainable companies to guarantee that our materials derive from responsibly managed forests.

What is special about our environmental printing?


Specialist Organic Inks

We do not use any chemical developers or chemicals like VOCs within our ink. This is because we want to do our part in helping the world become more renewable. Our organic inks offer true pantone ink colours which are unmatchable by any digital methods of print as well as full colour CMYK.


Seeded Paper

We offer seeded paper, which is an eco-friendly paper made from post-consumer materials embedded with different seeds. The simple notion of planting paper in a pot of soil or outside in a garden seems fun as well as helpful to the environment.

Featured Case Studies

organic ink - lanes.jpg

Organic inks

We understand the impact printing has on the environment, which is why we offer organic printing ink. These inks include no chemical developers or VOCs and are completely etched through plates instead of chemically. Our inks offer true pantone colours which are unmatchable by any digital methods of print.

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Recycling options

Do you ever wonder what happens to our paper when we make a mistake or print too much? Or even when our stock gets delivered to us in? Well here at Lanes, we recycle all cardboard, all paper and any stock that can be recycled, including plastic, is taken or collected in order to be reused and recycled into further stock.

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Biodegradable Laminates And Paper

How cool would it be if you could plant paper you no longer want? Here at Lanes we do exactly that! We offer seeded paper which you can plant once finished with. This means that some of our printing paper is completely biodegradable. These materials can be grown and recycled.

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