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5 Uses For Miniature Leaflets

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Miniature leaflets have many uses. They are small, versatile and can carry a lot of information on such a small area of the paper.

This is what makes them ideal for printing in multiple languages; the many folds and sides can hold several translations on either side.

With this in mind, what can they be used for? Many associate them with pharmaceutical products, and while they’re right to do so, there can be implemented in other areas too.

Below we have assembled the five most typical example of miniature leaflet usage and why it fits so well with each.

1) Pharmaceutical Leaflet Printing

It should be clear to everyone that, of all printed leaflets, pharmaceutical products need a lot of information put on them.

They also need to fit into a small space. Most medicinal products tend to come in boxes that around 5 x 10cm, making them rather small in comparison to most products.

So not only does the leaflet need to include a lot of information, from listed side effects to instructions for use, but it needs to be small enough to slip into a confined space.

Another feature in pharmaceutical leaflet printing is the different languages. It’s easy to assume a set of instructions for flat pack furniture being multilingual, but this is just as important for medicine.

Imagine being in a country where you don’t speak the language and you need medicine to treat a stomach ache.

If the medicine’s instructions were only in that country’s language, you could cause yourself some serious harm by misunderstanding how much you should take and how often.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have a duty to ensure their patient information leaflets and medical devices provide clear and informative instructions for the safety of everyone using them.

In short, miniature leaflets are the ideal fit for pharmaceutical products. They include as much vital information as possible and do so in multiple languages.

2) Product Instruction Leaflet

For similar reasons, product information leaflets are a great fit for product instruction leaflets. They have the added bonus of providing a logical, step-by-step procedure in assembling the said product, including how and if you can dispose of it.

This goes for small electronic products in particular but it can also apply to toys and board games. Critical information about the product’s components is a necessary requirement for any business, especially if their product has small parts that could be a choking hazard.

Again, there tend to be multiple languages for these instructions for similar reasons to pharmaceutical products; it can prove a danger if your first language isn’t the one on the box.

Above all, however, you want to product to work and to do what it’s supposed to do, making informative instruction manuals vitally necessary.

3) Voucher Booklets

Vouchers are always a favourite among customers looking for the best deals. Tearable vouchers are especially popular, allowing for portability and more frequent use.

Most voucher booklets tend to be small enough to fit into a pocket or a handbag. You can even carry them around in your wallet.

This is why a miniature leaflet’s capacity to include as much information as possible comes in. The information doesn’t necessarily have to be informative, merely useful.

Concertina folds are a common way in which these vouchers are presented, but miniature folded leaflets are perhaps more so.

This makes it perfect for promotional purposes, especially when it comes to a new business trying to promote themselves.

4) Maps

As well as being another handy promotional tool, maps can have enormous practical use when visiting somewhere new. Even better are ones that can fit inside your pocket.

Miniature leaflets maps can become very useful for tourists especially and when you’re visiting places like a theme park or the zoo, they are the perfect solution to finding your way around

The many folds allow you to fit the miniature leaflet in smaller spaces but they also allow you to fit a large image like a map, making it ideal and highly convenient for these kinds of situations.

5) Advertising

The previous points may have inferred as such, but miniature leafleting can be great for advertising. It’s much less intrusive than bigger forms of marketing and leaves a bigger impact.

You can promote other products in a range of similar products by displaying them in your leaflet by including the images to subtly catch someone’s attention.

A great example of this would be with furniture. If you bought a desk from one supplier, it could be an excellent chance for that supplier to advertise the chairs, tables and other items they sell as the customer is assembling the desk.

Because you have a surprising amount of space on such a small leaflet, this is an opportunity that many tend to overlook.

Miniature Leaflets at Lanes Printers

We at Lanes provide many miniature leaflets to the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. This is to help those companies promote safety and efficiency through their medical products.

Explore what else we offer for our pharmaceutical leaflet printing service by visiting our page. If you’re interested, why not get in touch?

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