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Case Studies

Welcome to our Case Studies page, where you'll find the latest projects from Lanes Printers.

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B-Blonde IFU leaflet

IFU Leaflets and B-Blonde Pharmaceutical

At Lanes, we supply over 12 million miniature leaflets to the pharmaceutical industry each year.

Sustainable packaging printed using Notpla material by Lanes Printers

Lanes Printers and Notpla: Pioneering Sustainable Packaging with Seaweed Paper

At Lanes Printers, we are delighted to champion sustainable solutions…

Symprove Probiotic Supplement Packaging

Probiotic Supplement Manufacturer

Our Probitotic Supplement Manufacturer were rebranding and wanted to look at alternative boxes as they were not happy with the look of their existing packaging.

Contact Lense Solution IFU Leaflet

Contact Lenses Solution Manufacturer

They produced a wide range of solutions for worldwide distribution.

WaterAid Bespoke Packaging

Bespoke packaging

Here at Lanes Printers, we can create bespoke packaging for various items.

Lanes Recycling Options

Recycling Options

Do you ever wonder what happens to our paper when we make a mistake or print too much? Or even what our stock gets delivered to us in?

Organic Printing Ink

Organic Printing Ink

Here at Lanes Printers, we understand the impact printing has on the environment, which is why we offer organic printing ink.

Haeckels Soap Box

Haeckels Soap Boxes

Lanes Printers specialise in bespoke packaging and can supply packaging items to a diverse range of industries such as:

Stealth Masks

Stealth Masks

Lanes Printers have recently worked with Stealth Mask to provide leaflets to accompany the air filtration masks that will be supplied to the NHS.

Biodegradable paper

Biodegradable laminates and paper

How cool would it be if you could plant paper you no longer want? Here at Lanes we do exactly that!

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