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Pharmaceutical Printing Services

We are proud to provide Pharmaceutical Print products for the Pharmaceutical industry for many years.

Pharmaceutical leaflets
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Pharmaceutical Print

What is Pharmaceutical Print?

Pharmaceutical Print is the process of creating and printing resources for use in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. This includes the production of informational materials such as Information For Use (IFU) leaflets, patient information leaflets, medication cartons, and other printed materials relating to pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Lanes Printers specialises in this, and we supply to pharmaceutical companies around the country. 

Why is Pharmaceutical Print important? 

Pharmaceutical Print is incredibly important as these printed materials accompany phamaceutical and healthcare products. By law in the UK and EU, pharmaceutical products are required to include these information leaflets as they contain vital information to patients and consumers. 

This essential information can include crucial details such as dosage instructions, potential side effects and symptoms, storage instructions and other important safety information.

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How do we ensure quality Pharmaceutical Print? 

Here at Lanes Printers, we guarantee high quality and consistent work, adhering to strict guidelines and standards for pharmaceutical print. We ensure that this important information is delivered in a clear and efficient manner, and in a format that maintains the reputation of your business. 

We have a B1 & B3 perfecta presses which can print both sides of the sheet in one pass. We use on press colour management systems to ensure colour consistency and correct corporate identity. Our print technology ensures efficient, precise and quality printing.


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Pharmaceutical Print Leaflets

What we offer for Pharmaceutical Print

Visually Appealing Pharmaceutical Printing
Visually Appealing

Communicating key information to patients is crucial in pharmaceutical print. This is why all our leaflets can be printed in multiple languages.

Informative Pharmaceutical Printing

Providing as much information as possible on a small piece of folded paper is a fine art and Lanes have spent many years perfecting it.

Multilingual Pharmaceutical Printing

Communicating key information to patients is crucial in pharmaceutical print. This is why all our leaflets can be printed in multiple languages.

Compact Pharmaceutical Printing

All our leaflets are designed to be multi-fold, allowing it to fit into the tightest packaging space. This gives room to fit both product and instructions for use.

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Pharmaceutical Print Products

What Pharmaceutical Print services do we offer?

We offer a number of different Pharmaceutical Print options including: 

IFU leaflet - Information For Use or IFU leaflets are an essential part of packaging medication and medical devices. Read more about how we provide these important information for use leaflets for pharmaceutical companies. 

Miniature booklets - These mini booklets contain vast amounts of important information. Read more to find out how we can convey this information in these small format booklets. 

Cosmetics leaflets - Available in small and large print runs, we can offer high quality inserts for cosmetics packaging. Read more about our packaging for cosmetic products

Bottle neckers, swing tabs, and labels - Ensure that your product stands out with creative packaging, which shows off your branding. Read more about how these packaging options can communicate your product information in an economical and functional way.  

Cartons and sleeves - Packaging of pharmaceutical products is another key way to convey information. Read more about how we can help create a cohesive packaging for your product in the form of cartons and sleeves.

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Water-Jel Pharmaceutical Print Leaflet

Why Choose Lanes Printers

Pharmaceutical Label Printing Company

At Lanes Printers, we specialise in providing high-quality printing services for pharmaceutical labels. Our printing technology and quality control measures guarantee that your labels are produced with precision and consistency, ensuring compliance with industry standards. 

Pharmaceutical Label Expertise: With extensive industry experience, we understand the unique challenges and regulations of pharmaceutical label printing, delivering exceptional quality to meet industry standards.

Advanced Printing Technology: Our investment in cutting-edge technology ensures precise, consistent printing, enhancing your labels with vibrant colours and crisp designs.

Regulatory Compliance: We prioritise compliance with FDA, EU, and international regulations, staying updated to ensure all labels meet stringent standards.

Tailored Solutions: Recognising the uniqueness of each product, we provide customised printing solutions, including specialty finishes and multi-language labelling.

Quality Assurance: Our stringent quality control measures guarantee consistent excellence from design to delivery, ensuring high-quality results every time.

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