Blue Line Single

Bottle Neckers, Swing Tags and Labels

Sometimes little packaging is needed for a product, in these cases swing tags & bespoke die cut packaging is ideal. 

Half Tone

Bottle Neckers and Tags

It is a convenient and economical option to show branding and including product information. 

The possibilities are endless – bespoke shapes can be made to size. A huge choice of creative stocks are available to suit branding as well as low cost options for functionality.

Specialist stock include paper made using fruits and nuts, seaweed, coffee and even seeded paper that can be planted and grown into flowers and herbs. 

Specialist inks including pantone colours, fluorescent and white ink will stand out. Foiling, laminating and embossing options available. We can supply tags eyeletted or drilled and the option of being strung using a variety of materials. 

Swing Tags

Case Studies

B-Blonde IFU leaflet

IFU Leaflets and B-Blonde Pharmaceutical

Contact Lense Solution IFU Leaflet

Contact Lenses Solution Manufacturer

Stealth Masks

Stealth Masks

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