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Contact Lenses Solution Manufacturer

We began working with a contact lenses solution manufacturer in 2011 following the closure of their previous supplier.

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Contact Lense Solution IFU Leaflet

They produced a wide range of solutions for worldwide distribution. For each product they required a patient information leaflet by law to offer instructions for use and safety information.

We therefore have hundreds of different leaflets which look very similar and are differentiated by a unique code. Each year we supply over 12 million leaflets to this individual customer. The regulatory requirement of this leaflet is of the upmost importance, any error can have huge consequences for the customer.

We have strict procedures in place for conformance to check leaflet codes at every stage through the factory. Leaflets are kept in designated areas with pallet labels, as leaflets are folded we pack in trays with bespoke labels with customers requirements and leaflet codes. These are wrapped and placed in cartons which have bespoke barcoded labels for our customer’s inventory system. We supply a certificate of conformance for each individual line on the each order.

Our agreement is that orders must be delivered within 14 days of PO unless otherwise agreed.

When we first began working with this company, we were told they would put the contact out to tender every 2 years. This has never happened as they have been very happy with the service and quality we have provided. The feedback we received after the first year of working with them was that we were the example of what they want their other suppliers to be. We receive excellent feedback each year in our annual review with a 95%-100% scores for orders completed OTIF – on time in full and conformance. If the correct leaflet is not with the product the line would have to be recalled and worst case scenario could be an injury to the end user and a lawsuit against our customer.

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