Blue Line Single

Probiotic Supplement Manufacturer

We started working with a probiotic supplement manufacturer looking for a new print supplier. The product is supplied as 4 x 500ml bottles in a box with a leaflet.

Half Tone

Symprove Probiotic Supplement Packaging

Our Probitotic Supplement Manufacturer were rebranding and wanted to look at alternative boxes as they were not happy with the look of their existing packaging. They were also unhappy with the colour inconsistency between products. We reassured them we would work closely with them to make sure branding was consistent, we keep the printing in house so we have full control of colour and could offer colour development trials.

They were using a lined e-flute box which we were able to supply. We were asked to look at folding box board options to improve appearance, specifically the whiteness and potential reduce unit cost. We initially ran press trials with their old artwork on a couple of folding box board options with a bright white front with either white back or kraft back. We die cut the samples and glued to supply fully finished samples of their box. This allowed them to trial the product in the packaging and run real life tests such as posting a box out to themselves to see how it would arrive with the end user.

We had an initial order using their existing branding for 500 boxes of their preferred material to see how it worked in the production environment. We listened to their feedback which was they felt it could work but would be more comfortable with a board with a higher rigidity. We then sourced a double layer folding box board which is mainly used for high end boxes.

The new branding was ready to test so we repeated this process of producing press printed fully made up boxes on both the folding box board and the double layer board. These again were tested with the product and sent by post to determine the condition they arrived with the end user.

Our customer was happy with both options but opted for the duo and we had an order for 40,000 boxes with a 3 week turn around for the end of July 2019 in time for their press release.

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The great thing about us here at Lanes Printers is we can assist from the concept, to design stage, and can supply dummies to ensure packaging will fit perfectly to the product. We print in house on a B1 full colour press to give vibrant beautiful packaging and with our on press colour management, we ensure branding consistency. We can also print on stock thicknesses up to 1.2mm with templates being made bespoke to the exact requirements; we cut out in house and can supply as a flat product or glue and finish for your convenience. If you would like to know more about our bespoke packaging and our printing services, get in touch with us for more information, we’re waiting to hear from you!

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