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Cosmetic Catalogue Printing

Unveil Your Beauty: Where Cosmetic Catalogues Shine Bright with Lanes Printers

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Cosmetics Catalogue

Transform your cosmetic catalogue vision into reality with Lanes Printers. 

The ability to communicate key information in a small format is not always easy. Our expertise and cutting edge equipment empowers us to produce cosmetic catalogues of any size, whether as leaflets or booklets, perfectly fitting into small cosmetics packaging. 

We cater to diverse needs, seamlessly handling high-volume orders for multiple leaflets for established brands, as well as short runs for smaller product lines. With our comprehensive range of large and small format presses, we ensure impeccable quality regardless of the print sizes. 

Choose from a wide selection of papers to align with your branding and requuirements, including budget-friendly options, premium brands, and green printing options including recycled materials and environmentally-friendly papers.

Enhance the allure of your catalogues with our specialist finishing services. From die-cutting to foiling, printing with opaque white ink, spot UV lamination, and embossing, we offer a myriad of options to add that extra touch of sophistication to your cosmetic catalogues. Trust Lanes Printers to bring your cosmetic catalogue vision to life with precision and excellence. 

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Why Choose Lanes Printers for A Cosmetic Catalogue?

Are you a cosmetic company striving to leave a lasting impression? Look no further! Lanes Printers is your trusted partner in bringing your brand to life through captivating catalogues. With our state-of-the-art printing solutions and unwavering commitment to quality, we elevate your cosmetic brand to new heights.

Our specialist equipment allows us to print a variety of sized runs, as well as fold these cosmetic catalogues into a compact format - perfect to accompany the cosmetics packaging. 

What we offer

Visually Appealing Pharmaceutical Printing
Visually Appealing

Communicating key information to patients is crucial in pharmaceutical packaging. This is why all our leaflets can be printed in multiple languages.

Informative Pharmaceutical Printing

Providing as much information as possible on a small piece of folded paper is a fine art and Lanes have spent many years perfecting it.

Multilingual Pharmaceutical Printing

Communicating key information to patients is crucial in pharmaceutical packaging. This is why all our leaflets can be printed in multiple languages.

Compact Pharmaceutical Printing

All our leaflets are designed to be multi-fold, allowing it to fit into the tightest packaging space. This gives room to fit both product and instructions for use.

Case Studies

B-Blonde IFU leaflet

IFU Leaflets and B-Blonde Pharmaceutical

Contact Lense Solution IFU Leaflet

Contact Lenses Solution Manufacturer

Stealth Masks

Stealth Masks

Cosmetics Clients


111Skin is a brand that brings together science, innovation, and luxury. Founded by renowned Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Yannis Alexandrides, 111Skin marries cutting-edge technology with cosmetics ingredients proven to work.


Products Lanes Printers Provided For 111Skin

Lanes Printers has worked with 111Skin to produce a range of quality cosmetics catalogues, each one designed to align with 111Skins current branding, and to provide key information about the products in small formats. Formats include:



Designed as compact cosmetics catalogues, the leaflets we provided to 111Skin were created to convey crucial details about 111Skins products, and have been printed in multiple languages to cater for its international customer base.


Miniature Stapled Booklets

The miniature stapled booklets we provided for 111Skin are cosmetics catalogues designed to fit easily into confined packaging, helping to ensure customers get the information needed, and that the overall brand experience is enhanced.

Robyn Skincare

Robyn Skincare is a natural skincare brand that offers a range of products infused with bio-retinol bakuchiol, a plant-based ingredient that delivers clinically proven anti-ageing results without using artifical fragences, colours or preservatives.

Products Lanes Printers Provided for Robyn Skincare

Here at Lanes Printers, we helped Robyn Skincare showcase 5 products using 48pp leaflets. The leaflets have a flat size of 240 x 200mm and a folded size of 40 x 50mm, and feature product information, benefits, ingredients, and instructions. 


Haeckels is a natural skincare and wild fragrance company based in Margate. Founded in 2012, Haeckels uses locally harvested seaweeds and other marine ingredients to create products that nourish, hydrate and balance skin and hair.

Products Lanes Printers Provided for Haeckels

When collaborating with Haeckels, we helped the company rebrand all their boxes for home, skincare and fragrance products, which involved printing, die-cutting and glueing, and the use of eco-friendly recycled or GIF Smith FSC paper.

Sorted Skin

Sorted Skin is a microbiome-based skincare brand that offers natural, vegan and dermatologist-approved products enriched with prebiotic ingredients, designed for peole who suffer from problem skin.

Products Lanes Printers Provided for Sorted Skin

Here at Lanes Printers, we provided Sorted Skin with high-quality information-for-use leaflets. The leaflets are 24-page booklets that contain detailed instructions and tips on how to use Sorted Skin products effectively.

Printed on eco-friendly and lightweight 60gsm uncoated paper, each leaflet was folded to a compact size of 210 x 25mm, and because of the consistency throughout, complemented Sorted Skins identity and values perfectly.

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