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IFU Leaflets and B-Blonde Pharmaceutical

Lanes Printers helps UK hair brand B-Blonde with printing IFU leaflets.

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B-Blonde IFU leaflet

At Lanes, we supply over 12 million miniature leaflets to the pharmaceutical industry each year.

The Miniature leaflets which we make, are the ideal solution to fit in any small box or around any bottle to include important information and guidance about the product. In many cases, this is a strict legal requirement for example patient information leaflets (PILs).

Most recently the specialist UK hair brand ‘BBlonde’ was in contact about an inquiry for information for use (IFU) leaflets to assist their hair care products/dyes. It is a legal requirement for their products due to the chemicals it contains which means following instructions is vital for these products. They previously ordered but with shipping problems and shortage of PPE being available due to the pandemic, they had to look for alternatives.

BBlonde came to us with an urgent order for just the leaflets and they would source the gloves separately. They ordered 500,000 leaflets — of which 100,000 were needed within a few days to continue manufacturing and placing orders. We were able to deliver all of their leaflets (as per their instructions) before the initial date agreed, which meant their production line was even further ahead than they anticipated. Therefore, we were able to complete a second order of 250,000 within 2 days. This quick turnaround helped BBlonde avoid disaster and keep on track with their production.

BBlonde said in regards to our help with their leaflets: “Everything has been great with the leaflets and thank you and for the quick and speedy service you have supplied. Your business helped us avoid disaster on this front and we really appreciate the turnarounds on both occasions. We will certainly ask you to look at future business.”

The leaflets themselves are defined as “Information provided by the manufacturer for the intended user detailing how the device can be used safely for its intended purpose.” IFU leaflets are a vital part of most companies distributing and manufacturing. This means that the printing service provided needs to be quick and reliable if a steady production line needs to be adhered to.

At Lanes Printers we use a range of B3 and B1 perfector sheet fed litho presses with colour management to ensure efficiency and precision, so you do not have to worry about slowing production down! We print on large format sheet sizes of B1 (1020mm x 720mm) and offer various folds and a minimum fold size of 15mm. We also use a range of materials, this means we can discuss individual requirements and are flexible to all aspects of the specification. We offer a flexible approach in the way we work and can offer special packaging and documentation to suit your processes too.

If you have any special requirements or requests including pharmaceutical leaflets, get in touch, we are more than happy to accommodate any orders you may have.

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