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IFU Leaflets

We are proud to have been supplying the Pharmaceutical industry for many years providing our specialised folding facilities

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Information For Use Leaflets

'Information For Use' Leaflets are required by law in the UK and EU, to accompany pharmaceutical products.

IFU Leaflets are printed documents containing important information and essential for pharmaceutical packing. This information is significant for patients and consumers. 

It is essential for the IFU leaflet to be written in a clear and understandable format to ensure that the correct information is conveyed to the user - whether health care professional or patient - in an efficient manner. 

What is included in an IFU Leaflet?

  • Identification 
    The name, active substance and details of ingredients, contents within the pack, how the product works and manufactuer information. 
  • Therapeutic indications 
    Conditions for which the product is authorised.
  • Advisories ahead of taking the product
    Situations where product should not be used, any precautions and warnings, interactions with other medicines or foods, special patient populations such as pregnant or nursing mothers, and any effects the product may have on the ability to drive.
  • Dosage and usual instructions for use
    How long to take or use the product, how often dosage should be given, how long course of treatment will last, and what to do if dose is missed. 
  • Description of side effects 
    All effects which may occur under normal use of product and what action patient should take if any of these occur.


Boots Information for Use Leaflets

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What we offer

Visually Appealing Pharmaceutical Printing
Visually Appealing

Communicating key information to patients is crucial in pharmaceutical packaging. This is why all our leaflets can be printed in multiple languages.

Informative Pharmaceutical Printing

Providing as much information as possible on a small piece of folded paper is a fine art and Lanes have spent many years perfecting it.

Multilingual Pharmaceutical Printing

Communicating key information to patients is crucial in pharmaceutical packaging. This is why all our leaflets can be printed in multiple languages.

Compact Pharmaceutical Printing

All our leaflets are designed to be multi-fold, allowing it to fit into the tightest packaging space. This gives room to fit both product and instructions for use.

Print Options for IFU leaflets

We use a range of specialist equipment to ensure the highest quality for your IFU leaflets.

Print Size:
Our range of B1 & B3 perfector sheet fed litho presses ensure consistent and precise printing. These print on both sides of the sheet in one pass. For maximum efficiency in high volume print runs, we recommend printing on large format sheet sizes of B1(1020mm x 720mm). While B3 presses and high-quality digitial presses are an economical option for lower volume runs. 

Folding Options:
Our leaflets can fit into the small packing spaces often required by pharmaceutical packing by being designed to fold in multiple orientations. We use specialist folding equipment from GUK, Stahl and H&H to offer these various folding options, from B1 sheet size to minimum fold size of 15mm. Typically, IFU leaflets are printed on 50gsm - 70gsm offset. We are flexible and happy to advise on all aspects of your specifications.

Colour System:
Our Press Colour Management System also ensures colour consistency. We know how important branding and maintaining correct corporate identity to ensure consumers recognise the product. 

We offer a flexible approach in the way we work. We can offer special packaging, labelling and documentation to suit your processes. We understand the importance of deadlines and pride ourselves in delivering on time as promised.

See our case study on the IFU leaflets we supplied for BBlonde.

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