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Haeckels Soap Boxes

Lanes Printers have created bespoke and recyclable packaging and soap boxes for sustainable and natural skincare company Haeckels.

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Haeckels Soap Box

Lanes Printers specialise in bespoke packaging and can supply packaging items to a diverse range of industries such as:

  • Cosmetics & perfume manufacturers
  • Toy manufacturers
  • Drinks retailers
  • Clothing specialists
  • Charities

Most recently, here at Lanes Printers, we have worked with cosmetic company ‘Haeckels’. 

We created various soap boxes for the brand Haeckels. All of the packaging is self-assembly which means a straight-forward design for easy packing and access to their product. The boxes were available in different shades and the stock was 100% recycled and eco friendly. They were made from Recycled boards with laminate inside.

Additionally, we also worked together with Haeckels on their sleeves. They were printed on seed paper which germinates wild flowers, making them 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. They were made using a seeded board. These wrap around the mycelium boxes and are used for candles and gift boxes. Other packaging created has been printed on paper stock made from reused algae! The algae stock (shiro alga carta) has been used to make sleeves, liners and information cards for gift packs.

Shiro Alga Carta, began in the ‘90s and uses raw materials from certified suppliers. A unique ecological approach starting from the use, in partial substitution of cellulose fibres, with the damaging algal blooms from the Venetian lagoon. Today this concept has been extended to other fragile marine areas. FSC certified, it is part of Favini’s range of ecological papers Shiro. Not only is the raw material and the seaweed natural, but the entire production process of Shiro Alga Carta is ethical. In fact, Favini has chosen to fully offset the emissions generated by the eco-friendly paper Shiro to increase the value of this product and its level of Corporate Climate Responsibility. Thanks to a Carbon Offset scheme, any emissions generated to produce the paper are entirely offset by Carbon Credits, acquired by Favini to finance activities that can absorb CO2 in the atmosphere.

Haeckels were clear on their branding as they are a ‘natural’ company so we adhered to these bespoke requests and provided natural options like stated above. In line with the outside packaging, the inside is also recyclable. Haeckels boxes are made with biodegradable laminate (so that the soap inside, if melted, has resistance and will not leak) and can be recycled along with normal cardboard.

This bespoke packaging project was exciting for us as we worked alongside Haeckels to ensure that the packaging was made fully recyclable from the start. We adapted the boxes for a collaboration between Haeckels and the coffee company, Ozone. Their collaboration led us to adapt their packaging to print on a paper manufactured using recycled coffee cups. The paper that was chosen was a dark grey and we experimented with printing using opaque white ink – something we hadn’t done much of in the past and the results were very effective.

The science behind what is called, ‘Extract’, means it’s partly chemistry — the polyethylene that stops the cup from getting soggy makes recycling difficult, and therefore, it takes a special process to separate the plastic from other paper waste. That’s why the company G.F Smith is partnering with CupCycling to offer a solution by taking disposable paper coffee cups destined for landfill and transforming them into beautiful paper.

The great thing about us here at Lanes Printers is we can assist from the concept, to design stage, and can supply dummies to ensure packaging will fit perfectly to the product. We print in house on a B1 full colour press to give vibrant beautiful packaging and with our on press colour management, we ensure branding consistency. We can also print on stock thicknesses up to 1.2mm with templates being made bespoke to the exact requirements; we cut out in house and can supply as a flat product or glue and finish for your convenience. If you would like to know more about our bespoke packaging and our printing services, get in touch with us for more information, we’re waiting to hear from you!

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