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Cardboard Packaging Vs. Plastic

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It’s no secret that plastic packaging has a huge impact on the environment; it cannot biodegrade, contains toxic chemicals and attracts other pollutants to name only a few of its harmful characteristics.

If you’re looking for a packaging alternative to plastic, cardboard is the ideal solution. Cardboard packaging also requires energy and whilst waste is still generated, cardboard is made from timber which is a renewable source. Plastic, however, is made from a natural gas and crude oil, of which are non-renewable.

A single plastic bag can take anywhere between five and ten years to decompose, whereas paper and cardboard will only take around one month. Paper and cardboard are also more commonly recycled when compared to plastic, particularly because not all plastic is recyclable.

Many companies like using plastic for their packaging as they can easily add their branding, getting it produced at low costs and store the product safely for a long amount of time. However, cardboard can do all of this in a more sustainable way. Cardboard is a cheap alternative, it allows for printing designs and is more environmentally friendly.

Cardboard is the future for both large and small businesses; your clients and customers will judge you from the minute they see your packaging! Showing care for the environment with recyclable cardboard is a great way to give off a good first impression.

At Lanes Printers, we can ensure your cardboard packaging shows off your brand. We will work with you from the get-go to assist within the concept and design stage, supplying dummies to ensure your product fits perfectly within its packaging. We print in-house using B1 full colour press and can also print in full colour process or pantone including metallic and fluorescent ink.

Whether you’re looking for swing tags, cartons, boxes, leaflet holders, envelopes or more, we can help. For more information or for your free quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Lanes team today by giving us a call on 01843 861314 or via our contact page.

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