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How to reduce your company’s carbon footprint

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Any size business can influence the way they operate in order to cut their carbon footprint and make an impact - no matter how big or small.

Reducing the carbon footprint of your business can help save money and it can also adopt greener work ethics; this will mean that your business will be regarded as more eco-friendly and therefore, a socially responsible company. This could bring in a larger customer base as well as bigger brand opportunities.

Here at Lanes Printers, we try to be as environmentally responsible as possible. Click here to read our case studies on how we recycle our organic inks, seeded paper and biodegradable laminates featured all on our Green Printing page!

Aiming to be greener and kinder to the environment can have great benefits; business and environment wise! Take a look at the following ways a company can reduce its own carbon footprint.

How to reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Switch to LED lighting

LED lighting is one of the most energy efficient forms of lighting you can use, other than natural daylight of course! LED bulbs use approximately 15 times less (80% to be exact) electricity than halogen lighting which can significantly reduce a business carbon footprint. Although LED bulbs are more expensive, they can make up their cost over time by saving energy and preventing frequent bulb replacements. Additionally, LED bulbs are generally shatterproof which makes them safer and means they save time in the long run.

Selecting a carbon balanced or recycled option

Selecting a carbon balanced or recycled paper option creates an environmentally friendly working space. Like us, if you do use paper you could use recycled stock or seed paper as a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Click here toread how we use seeded paper! See here to explore the World Land Trust and their Carbon Balanced programme which enables individuals and organisations to offset their residual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through the protection and restoration of carbon-rich wildlife habitats in the tropics. Therefore, this offers a simple way for printers, paper makers and distributors to balance the carbon impact of the paper they use through WLT’s conservation projects.

Switch off appliances and enable power save mode

Simply, switching off appliances at the end of the day will help reduce your carbon footprint and save you a lot of money. If you cannot turn the appliance off (for example, if it will reset or not save your custom settings) you should try to enable power save mode as it will drain less energy when still on. This will help your company to become more energy efficient.

Recycle, recycle, recycle!

All companies generate waste. Therefore, it’s important that businesses get into a habit of recycling their waste. This could be through installing a series of recycling bins to separate waste and ensure the right materials go to the right recycling tip.

Fun fact: Every time a piece of metal is recycled, it reduces the size of the new product’s carbon footprint! Additionally, not just waste needs to be recycled but your old appliances also need to be disposed of properly. So, instead of storing old computers and letting them gather dust and hoard space, you should ensure appliances, like an old PC, are recycled and therefore, are used more than once. Click here to view our case study on how Lanes recycles.

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If you would like to read more on how Lanes Printers are reducing their own carbon footprint click here to view our green printing environmental site. If there are any other specialist recycling options that you would like us to include in your request, do not hesitate to ask. We can offer bespoke laminating, perforating, dye cutting and much more. Prices will be quoted upon an enquiry. Lanes Printers, has been established in East Kent as a quality printing house for more than a hundred years and are always here to help and to trust with your printing.

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