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Lanes Printers is a high-quality printing house that has been in operation for more than one hundred years.

We believe that investing in the latest technologies will provide the best quality for customer satisfaction. We devote our efforts to the clients while ensuring that we give the best quality within the required deadline.

Here at Lanes Printers, we offer diversified services in industries such as:

  • Drinks retailers
  • Charities
  • Cosmetics and perfume manufacturers
  • Clothing specialists
  • Toy manufacturers

Packaging is a central part of any successful marketing campaign. So any business that looks to attract and win clients must invest heavily in proper packaging.

In this post, we will discuss the printing and product packaging industry, the current trends in product packaging, and how you can maximise profits while cutting costs.

Packaging print inks market

The packaging print inks market has primarily benefited from technological advancement. Businesses want to thrive in a competitive market, which means they have to show their worth to consumers through packaging.

Every business wants to brand itself in a way that is attractive and memorable to the target population. With all these efforts, the packaging print inks market becomes among the significant beneficiaries.

The biodegradable pharmaceutical packaging market

Product packaging is vital in the pharmaceutical industry to keep drugs from degradation. With the increased use of medication, there has been a need to move from the non-biodegradable packaging that increases waste. Companies are now embracing biodegradable packaging materials to help protect the environment.

How can you cut packaging costs while maximising profits?

Reducing costs while maximising profits is the core target of any business. Cutting packaging costs is one way companies can effectively achieve this objective and increase their profits. By using the right packaging material, businesses can successfully reduce costs while providing quality packaging. Here at Lanes can help here

What are the emerging trends in product packaging?

Today many businesses sell similar products. In the highly competitive world, organisations need to find means that will stand out and appeal to their clients to make a sale. Using the right packaging is one of the marketing strategies that positively impact businesses and help them beat the competition.

While producing unique packaging materials is crucial for businesses. The packaging has to be in tandem with the modern digital era. Some of the latest trends in product packaging that reflect the current era include.

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The shift that we see in the market today is a reflection of the competition in the world. If you want to be relevant in the market, you need to understand that every little detail matters. Printing and product packaging can make such a massive difference for your business.

At Lanes Printers, we comply with the ISO 14000, which are standards related to environmental management; helping minimise a company’s effects on the environment, and ensuring they align with laws protecting the environment. We are committed to helping the environment, and you, the consumer, with top-quality, eco-friendly products.

If you would like to read more about our environmental message Lanes Printers click here to view our green printing page. If there are any other specialist recycling options that you would like us to include in your request, do not hesitate to ask. We can offer bespoke laminating, perforating, dye cutting and much more. Prices will be quoted upon an enquiry. Lanes Printers, has been established in East Kent as a quality printing house for more than a hundred years and are always here to help and to trust with your printing. Why not get in touch with our friendly team today? Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01843 861314 to discuss your requirements.

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