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The Benefits of Printed Marketing in a Digital World

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There’s no denying that digital media has transformed marketing. From email newsletters to social media, it has moulded the landscape into something unrecognisable than that of twenty years ago.

Many would assume that, because of this giant leap forward in technology, that the digital world has rendered printed marketing obsolete.

However, a closer look would tell you that is most definitely not the case. While a lot of printed marketing points to a company’s digital media presence, there are countless benefits still to be found with printed marketing which its online counterpart sorely lacks.

Plenty of studies have been conducted into this field and although it is impossible to say which form is definitely superior (both have their pros and cons), the solid conclusion they all came to was that printed marketing still matters. A lot.

Below are the most significant advantages to using printed marketing in the digital age.

Constant Evolution

While this could be said for online marketing too, printed media is constantly evolving. With the assistance of new technology, such as augmented reality, you can take your printed media to another level.

In addition to this, advanced printing methods have developed far enough to drive down printing costs, meaning businesses can print more for less.

To dismiss printed marketing is to miss out on these unique opportunities for growth, making it essential every business knows the ins-and-outs of modern printing.

Imagine how many people you can attract to your online presence by including a QR code on the side of your packaging?

Including such elements will bolster your digital marketing through your printed media, making it a more interactive experience.

Aside from all that, printing has in of itself become an art form, to the point where a well-printed brochure is both aesthetically pleasing and difficult to miss.

More Impactful

There’s always something quite impactful about printed media which many people find hard to ignore, appealing to all our needs to be tactile with our advertising.

As human beings, we prefer to hold something physical than to view it on a screen. This is why, despite all those apps, people will always own physical objects like books and vinyl records. This is true even if they have the same product in digital form.

This is because of our haptic memory, the part of our brains that remembers touch, making it easier for people to engage with what they can feel in the real world.

The same goes for printed marketing. A simple litho print job is more likely to leave a lasting impact than a scanned copy of that print job posted on the internet.

Printed marketing offers more chances for your business to show its uniqueness, and in doing so makes your advertising methods much more memorable.

On top of that, it helps you reach your target audience much more easily. Yes, digital marketing can reach a wider audience, but a bigger audience does not guarantee a profit.

Knowing your target audience and where you can effectively advertise to draw them in can do a lot more for you while also building up your social media presence at the same time.

Better for Our Brains

It may be cliché to warn people not to stare at their screens too much as it rots our brains, but some studies have proven printed marketing is much better for cognitive engagement.

In a Canadian neurology report, the cognitive effects of printed marketing (direct mail) were compared to those of digital marketing (display advertisements and email).

Unsurprisingly, the study concluded the readers were much more engaged with the printed version than they were with their digital counterparts.

This isn’t because digital marketing is inherently inferior. It’s simply a matter of the human brain better connecting with something in the physical world than on a screen.

It takes a much more conscious effort to engage with digital marketing than it is with print media. The study concluded that it takes 21% less cognitive effort to process as it is “easier to understand and more memorable.”

Builds Stronger Connections

The most integral part of any marketing, whether it’s through email or on a business card, is to build a connection.

That is only the beginning of the customer journey, however. The trickier part is making that connection last.

Given the above points, it should come as no surprise to you that printed marketing builds a much stronger connection with your audience than what you can do through a social network.

The tactile aspect of the physical product aside, studies have shown customers are much more likely to trust you if they see a leaflet printed in high quality.

Gaining trust is a vital part of any business, and the earlier it’s established the better. Moreover, all printed media can be kept, giving it a sense of permanency that all online marketing has.

Printed Marketing at Lanes Printers

At Lanes, we print high-quality brochures, leaflets, folders and packaging using our sophisticated printing methods.

We pride ourselves on producing copy that fulfils all requirements. Whether your journal or magazine is full colour or black and white, we can offer an exceptional finished product.

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