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The Importance Of Branding For A Business

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The branding process for a business, whether it’s brand new or just for a fresh start, should be fun, and nothing but that.

Saying this though, it is important to ensure that whilst you do enjoy the process, that outcome is suitable and reflective of your business, its products, and what it represents as a whole.

Branding is not a process to be rushed, and here at Lanes Printers, we have outlined just why that is.

The Different Elements of Branding

When starting your marketing process, branding is the obvious place to start, but why? Well, it shapes your company and the perception of it to your previous, current, and potential customers. As well as this, it allows people to distinguish your product from the rest of the market with a simple symbol or word.

Take, for example, a well known coffee company. If you’re visiting somewhere new and want a hot drink, you’re perhaps more likely to purchase from an establishment you know rather than try the local café, and pay the higher price. This is all because of the company’s strong branding and reputation that comes with it.

Branding is more than just a logo however, and should be reflected the whole way through the business. The different elements of branding also include your company name, slogan, fonts, colouring, graphics, wording, tone of voice and in some cases, taste, smell and shape. All of these elements working together are what create a strong brand identity for your business.

Business, Marketplace, & Customer Value

Alongside creating a company image amongst your marketplace and consumers, your branding can also increase your business value. A well established brand that is easily understood and recognised by its consumers, can have more leverage in the marketplace, therefore increasing the overall value of the company. Not only this, but if you are a company that may be looking to accept investment offers in the future, a strong branding is more likely to attract those potential investors.

As well as increasing your company’s stake in the marketplace, it can also generate new customers. When your customers align with your branding, that is a reflection of a positive impression of your company, meaning that when they are looking for one of your products, they are less likely to search the market for an alternative as they trust your company. This means that they are a lot more likely to refer a new customer to you when they are in need of your products. In a nutshell, strong branding can lead to the easiest, and perhaps most valued form of advertising - word of mouth.

Beyond the Logo

Although your logo holds high importance to the brand, products and perception of the company, it can also bring a high level of employee morale and pride. Working for a strongly branded company that has drive and clear motives will give your employee something to work towards. As well as this, working for a brand that is held highly by the public and its consumers makes for a higher level of job satisfaction. By utilising your branding within your company’s premises, you’re able to align the employers with the employees, and install the brands motives and the corporate mission.

Branding with Lanes Printers

Here at Lanes Printers, we know that first impressions count, right down to the ink and finish of your business cards. Everything reflects your brand and your company values.

Print branding is just as important as digital, and here at Lanes we have the knowledge and skills to help bring your brand to life with company branding & logo design in-house. If you’re interested in starting your journey to brilliant branding, or looking for a change click here to get in touch.

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