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The Importance of Recyclable Packaging

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Recycling symbol in brown card material

At Lanes, we use recyclable materials to create our fantastic bespoke packaging. We provide packaging to a diverse range of industries and feel strongly about using card as an alternative to plastic.

Plastic packaging has a negative impact on the environment; whilst it is an efficient packaging material, there is currently 8million tons of it in our oceans due to not being biodegradable. Ultimately, this is why cardboard is quickly becoming a huge trend in the packaging industry.

Modern businesses have also learned that cardboard packaging is the way forward. As customers become more aware of environmental changes and the impact packaging can have, they are expecting companies to adapt.

Recycled cardboard is a material produced from composted waste, making it eco-friendly with the ability to be recycled again and again.

Multiple big companies and businesses have started to use cardboard over plastic packaging; think about popular monthly subscriptions that arrive in cardboard boxes for example. There is also no need for loss of brand awareness with cardboard; they can be printed on beautifully to create fun, sophisticated, branded packaging themes.

Whatever industry you are in, your customers will judge you from the minute they see your products packaging. Next time you need new packaging designed and printed, think about the impact it may have on the environment and opt for recycled cardboard as your alternative to plastic.

At Lanes Printers, we offer quality packaging services and can assist from the concept and design stage. Whether you’re looking for bespoke swing tags, boxes, leaflet holders or envelopes, we can help!

For more information, or for your free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Lanes Printers team today by calling us on 01843 861314.

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