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The power of print in 2022

Does print still have a place in marketing in 2022?

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Print or digital?

In recent years the use of digital technology and platforms has continued to grow. Businesses have utilised the opportunities digital marketing presents to them; ease of mass communication, fast turnaround of content and access to a growing audience of potential customers.

As a consequence of this, many have argued that print is now a dying industry. However, this is not strictly true. The role print has in marketing, news, and media, is still an important one, and one that is undervalued.

What type of print is still beneficial?

Studies show that the mass amount of ‘fake news’ found on social media and other digital platforms, has led many people to distrust what they read online. People therefore tend to believe what is written in printed newspapers or magazines, as they feel more authoritative.

A similar thing can be said for businesses that have brochures or business cards. While a well designed website can really sell a business to a potential client, people often find that a company who hands out business cards and brochures somehow feels more established than one that only has a website.

Additionally, print is malleable. Print’s physical nature can be manipulated in ways that other formats can’t. It can be printed with inks that make it glow in the dark or react to touch, used to carry technologies such as NFC chips and conductive inks, and deliver interactive experiences impossible for other media. There is therefore an element of creativity in print that you don’t always see in digital.

Print also can reach your target audience far better than digital. With a crowded online market, it is easy for content to get lost or hidden by algorithms. Print, however, does not face this same issue. It reaches your intended audience and, if they have paid for it such as the case with a magazine, they are already invested in you.

Does print still have a place moving forward?

Digital marketing has rapidly taken off over the last few years, and rightly so, but there is still a very permanent place for print. Most argue that a combination of both is ideal.

Printed items such as business cards, magazines and brochures will never lose their air of sophistication and will remain synonymous with tradition, trust and status. As digital technologies evolve, so too do print technologies. You can read our blog post about whether business cards are still valued post-pandemic here.  The limits of what a company can now creatively design with their packaging and printing are endless and as time goes on, the options only increase.

What services can Lanes Printers offer?

Here at Lanes Printers, we are a printing business that has been running since 1897. We offer a range of services including bespoke design, educational print, pharmaceutical leaflet print and marketing print, as well as book, magazine, packaging printing and more! We care about the quality of our work, and our conscientious staff mixed with our modern and technical equipment give us the advantage over competitors in supplying superior products.

We believe in investing in new technology in order to provide the best quality products. We look to continuously improve our facilities and the products we supply, investing in computer-to-plate technology to improve the resolution and auto plate on presses and thus improving efficiency and turnaround times. We also believe it is of high importance to act responsibly and minimise the effect we have on the environment, which is why only we use paper from responsibly managed forests.

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