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What is Direct Mail Marketing?

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Direct mail marketing is a business tactic that has been popular with companies for decades.

It’s the practice of distributing promotional print materials such as posters and brochures to prospective customers and industry partners.

With the invention of online promotion via social media platforms and email subscriptions, direct mail marketing has become somewhat a thing of the past, with many businesses opting to ditch the tactic of printing altogether. But is this a misguided step and possibly a missed opportunity?

The Consumer’s View of Direct Mail Marketing

Although a large part of a successful direct mail marketing campaign is making sure you have the right consumer audience, you might be missing a huge chance to increase your customer base by overlooking direct mail marketing.

WDM Online states: “According to MailMen, 87% of consumers believe messages delivered through direct mailing, while only 48% of your audience consider the contents of an email.”

Even though company online newsletter subscriptions are now the norm, they are statistically less likely to be believed or considered as a physical print promotion.

Also, the physicality of promotional print is a strike in its favour. You have to walk outside or turn on the TV to see billboards and advertisements, but a piece of print can sit in a potential customer’s house, reminding them of your company every time they look at it.

What Types of Direct Mail Marketing Should You Consider?

The most successfully executed direct mail marketing campaigns are ones that include brochures, posters or vouchers/coupons for your services. These types of print are very accessible to both new and returning customers and can be distributed via direct mail marketing across your demographic areas.

Direct mail marketing is a greatly underestimated tactic to draw attention to your business and services. To plan a successful direct mail marketing campaign, you‘ll need the assistance of a professional print service. At Lanes Printers we offer marketing print for every occasion, all professionally designed to suit your brand. Check out what we can offer here.

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