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What is the future of printing?

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Future of printing stacked paper

With a focus on being environmentally conscious, the printing industry has shifted to adapt with the current market. A handful of printing methods are being invented and perfected that eliminate the use of disposable items.

What is the future of printing?

Card packaging is becoming increasingly popular as people are trying to move away from plastic - corrugated boards are in very short supply due to the high demand, and prices are ever increasing to reflect this! Additionally, if you think about Easter eggs this year, many of the boxes had very little plastic to hold the eggs in place - it was a clever box design to support the chocolate while improving recycling options and reduction of single use plastic. Food packaging companies are switching to cardboard and reusable bags wherever practically possible to ensure we have the environment in the forefront of our mind every step of the way!

There are various ways cardboard can be used printing and is now a much better way to help improve our carbon footprint such as:

  • Screen print
  • Flexographic print
  • Litho laminated or lithographic print
  • Digital

A big positive with card packaging and cardboard boxes is being able to take full control and fully customise it. You can print a lot of information on it including advertising and instructions. You can have certain perforated areas for vouchers or discount codes, which can therefore, create more bespoke shapes and sizes with relatively small costs compared to plastic packaging.

Does the internet have a big impact on the printing industry?

The internet is booming, and the general public can order any product to their doorstep with the click of a few buttons. This causes online vendors to be more competitive. Now more than ever, appealing packaging and marketing assets are necessary to stay aligned with the rapid growth of e-commerce. Nearly all businesses are in need of flyers and business cards to use at their events. Their marketing and advertising strategies involve the use of printed material. Cutting edge design, branding and packaging are driving printing innovations, as vendors want to be clearly seen in a crowd.

Though the internet is booming and undoubtedly changing the physical paper industry, the need for print is still very much alive. The feeling, the smell, the sentimental value of paper is timeless. Some speculate that ‘print is a reliable driver to the web,’ working in synchronicity with all advertising mediums to effectively influence target customers. The future of printing is not only relevant, but big and bright, and seemingly unlimited.

The thought that printing is becoming obsolete is a misconception. In actuality, technology and modern creative ideas ensure that printing will continue to play an exciting role in media strategy. While it is true that the digital world is highly utilised, it is print that pushes traffic to that point. Physical and digital media are a team, relaying information to potential customers from multiple angles. The two will continue to work hand in hand, driving future commerce to new heights.

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