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What You Need to Create an Eye-catching School Brochure or Prospectus

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At Lanes Printers, one of the areas we specialise in is producing print for educational institutions.

It’s common for these institutions to request print that represents them and can be an informative addition to answer questions that parents and students may have. Here is a concise list of some things you might want to consider if you want to create eye-catching brochures or prospectuses for your school.

Have a Consistent Theme

It’s very important that the parents or students reading your brochure or prospectus are not confused by its intent. This also goes for colour and layout. Try to keep the design as simple as possible with clear definition between blocks of text and images. Each page should be clearly titled to represent each piece of information and the following page should have all the relevant points included with nothing unexpected. When it comes to educational print, a fine-tuned and consistent theme throughout your brochure should be a priority.

Simple Text

As much as you want to fill the pages with information and facts about your educational institution, you have to bear the reader in mind. Too many long blocks of text can be tiring to read and can actually prevent the reader from taking any of the information in.

Keep your text simple and to the point. Structure with bullet points and short introductions and conclusions.

Bright Colours

A staple of eye-catching print is to design with bright and bold colours. Solid primary colours are a great choice, and you might prefer to go with the colours of your school. The key to decorating with bright colours is to choose two or three to stick to. Too many strong colours on a brochure can be distracting to the reader.

Good Imagery

When selecting images, choose clear and well-shot images of your school or your students. You can also opt for stock imagery if you prefer, there are many great sites that can offer stock photos to suit any theme. Spread your images out consistently, don’t clutter a page with images and make sure, when you do place them, that they take up a good amount of space and are relevant to the surrounding text.

If you are interested in printing educational print, you can view our services here. To get in touch with Lanes Printers about an alternative service, you can find out contact page here.

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