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Why Professional Design Is Important For Your Business

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When it comes to the list of ‘start up’ priorities when launching a business, design is notoriously overlooked as an essential process.

Business owners want the name before the logo, they know what they want their social media to read like but they don’t know how to sculpt their image, they know they need blueprints for the first business meeting but not the look for their first advertisement for the general public.

Here’s why it’s so important that a business invest in design ahead of time. It’s because people are visual, as obvious as that sounds. It’s not always what the business does, it’s sometimes just how they appear.

When you think of businesses - you think of what they mean to you, what you remember about them. If you think of Starbucks, your mind might go straight to the green mermaid. When you think of McDonalds, you’re probably thinking of golden arches.

Design gives your business a voice that is unlike any other. Like a jingle that a customer can’t get out of their head, a design helps customers relate to you. They associate you with an aesthetic and, therefore, a particular product or service that they may one day need.

Not only does design do wonders for your PR, it’s also a sign of capability.

If you’re looking to invest in a business, but they have a sparse logo, an old and badly structured website and no eye-catching advertisement materials, you may well decide that your money is better spent elsewhere.

As every good business owner knows, it is not just about what a business can physically deliver to you - it’s also about how a business can make you feel.

Design, because of it’s visuality, evokes a feeling from the customer, it can deliver an understanding that can’t be delivered any other way. Brands that think long and hard about the aesthetic they want to aim for and what design they will use to promote their product find that they start out already ahead of the game.

Some elements of design you can incorporate early include your logo, your business’s colour scheme and the aesthetic of your online presence. Think of your colour scheme and logo like a universal signature, it creates brand recognition and it will help you plan for the future, get a better idea of what kind of design strategy would work best for you. This also goes for the fonts that you use – individual fonts can evoke different types of feelings from people, as you associate different types of text with different pieces of writing. This is the kind of thing a professional designer could assist you with.

It’s always recommended to begin to create physical print such as brochures, leaflets, business cards and other advertisements that can be delivered by newspaper or magazine to potential customers.

A firm vision for design with the help of a professional is sure to not only save you time in marketing, but it will also help you and your clients understand your business and product better.

We here at Lanes Printers are also passionate about design. We design brochures, business cards and may other variations of bespoke print for the representation of companies and campaigns. We can do company branding and logo design as well as reprographics.

We always undergo this process with the environment in mind and are committed to being as sustainable as possible. Find out more about what kind of designs we can offer here.

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