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Why your Business needs Bespoke Diary Printing

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diary filled with notes, highlighted comments and sticky notes.

Diaries are the perfect opportunity for you to promote your business as they are used all through the year, with many people checking them every single day.

Whether your employees will be using the diaries for their personal use, or you want to give them away to customers, they are a great way to remind people of important dates within your business and can include advertising space, notable events and more.

Bespoke diaries are the best option for businesses because it allows them to create a diary that is unique and exclusive to their branding, events and advertisement. At Lanes, we will work with you from the start of the design process right up to the finish. So, even if you want a generic diary with your business’ logo on the forefront, that can be done.

The great thing about bespoke diary printing is that every aspect of the diary can be amended to your wants and needs. Your diary needn’t run from January to December; you can choose exactly when you want the diary to start and whether you want to view weeks or days per page.

There are different options depending on your budget, too, including the binding, case and finishing options. At Lanes we can provide leather, leatherette and cloth diary covers in a number of colours for a truly special look and feel.

Diaries are often popular with education industries, membership organisations and both small and large independent businesses. Why not expand your businesses memorabilia with a gorgeous diary in time for 2019?

At Lanes Printers, we can provide you with a diary that is fells and looks luxurious whilst being fit for purpose with your clients and employees. For a free quote or to discuss your requirements, you can contact a member of the team today by visiting our contact page or by calling us on 01843 861314.

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