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Being an eco-friendly, environmentally-conscious company, Lanes Printers recognises how the materials we use impact our carbon footprint. We want to reduce waste, while bringing you great, quality work and friendly customer service.

Recycling is an important component of our work, as we recycle not only paper and cardboard, but also ink and metal plates. We offer biodegradable laminating and printing services; in addition to using low-volatile organic compounds (VOC) and coating for printing. Our inks are organic and vegetable-based. So, in addition to avoiding chemical development, inks are ‘etched’ through plates, pantone colours are used over digital printing, and less resources (water, solvents) are used in cleaning machines. This is besides the environmental harm brought by tonnes of inks and chemicals each year, chemical-based inks can harm humans if used improperly.

We all know the frustration of printing too much, or making typos, and having to rework a document. Well, that can leave a rubbish bin full of paper and ink; which, if just thrown out, adds to even more waste! Thus, almost all of our paper products are recyclable; and every sheet here is recycled, along with cardboard from our deliveries and plastic, enabling them to be reused. Along with other companies, Lanes is reducing its plastic use. Two recent studies noted how tonnes of plastic pollute oceans; and that paper and cardboard emerged as the most environmentally-friendly, easy-to-recycle materials. We also offer recycled- paper options for printing and use paper that isn’t recyclable is from specially managed forests - which means we are being green in using less energy and water, and reduce landfill waste. We also offer non recyclable options for customers who prefer that.

Additionally, our printing paper is ‘seeded’ - which means, it’s made from seeds, and you can plant it once you’re finished with it! Made from ‘post-consumer’ materials, it has different kinds of seeds, which grow quickly into plants once in soil - making this venture not only friendly to the environment (enhances soil quality), but also biodegradable fun! Grow your own stock! You can can read more about our Green Printing practices and the different paper options we offer here on our Green Printing page

The biodegradable laminate we offer is a cellulose-based, ‘over lamination’ film product; which is sustainable and recyclable along with our paper, cardboard and ink products. Wood pulp is also used in its production, making it compostable as well. Lanes Printers prides itself on giving its laminated work that same aesthetic appeal as any OPP lamination - while making use of sustainable materials and being kind to Planet Earth!

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At Lanes Printers, we comply with the ISO 14000, which are standards related to environmental management; helping minimize a company’s effects on the environment, and ensuring they align with laws protecting the environment. We are committed to helping the environment, and you, the consumer, with top-quality, eco-friendly products.

If you would like to read more about our environmental message, read more on our Green Printing page here or one of our other blogs about our sustainable practices. Are you interested in reducing the carbon footprint of your business?  If there are any other specialist recycling options that you would like us to include in your request, do not hesitate to ask. We can offer bespoke laminating, perforating, dye cutting and much more. Prices will be quoted upon an enquiry. Lanes Printers, has been established in East Kent as a quality printing house for more than a hundred years and are always here to help and to trust with your printing.

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