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What printed materials are needed for an event?

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When you're planning an event you want every part of it to look as good as it can. You want that look to impress people and to stay with them.

Printed materials can give you that lasting value. Whether they're informational or merely functional, the items you print are probably the only things people will take home with them. You want it to be something that impresses them, even if it is just for the sake of memorabilia.

Every event has its own needs. Here is a helpful list of major event categories, along with suggestions for print materials that will make them stand out. Lanes can help with a variety of printing materials. Visit our website to browse what we can create and print for you.


Conferences are all about bringing several presentations under one roof. Whether it's with brochures, agendas or flyers there's one idea that ties the conference together. People want to be informed. They come to conferences for information, inspiration and the best of social mingling. You should also have enough materials printed. You can also read our blog post about whether business cards are valued post-pandemic here.

Suggestions: Brochures, agendas, flyers, writing pads, info cards, presentation folders and notebooks.

Trade shows

This is where businesses show off their wares. A company's brand is on display at a trade show. It's important that their image is represented well in print. They'll need signage and posters to let people know where they are. 2D signs and 3D mock-ups should be placed boldly for all to see. For personal encounters they'll need business cards, brochures and flyers. Everyone wants to give away merchandise. Printed memorabilia is a good way for a company to push their brand in the form of a gift. It's all about making a statement that shows who they are.

Suggestions: Signage, posters, business cards, fabric displays, brochures and flyers


Whether it's a play, concert, ballet or film festival every performance needs print material to make it work. Programs, schedules and booklets let people know about the participants and the itinerary. This is how you credit the talent and showcase your participants. You'll need signs and displays to show directions and highlight the stars. Some printing will be more functional. You might even need badges and VIP passes. Well-designed entry passes will also help security. All your printing needs should augment your show. Hard copies provide guidelines, details and lasting impressions. Read our blog here about how a well designed brochure can help your business

Suggestions: Schedules, booklets, programs, badges, passes, brochures, signs and displays


Celebrations happen for any number of reasons. Holidays, birthdays (for people and companies), weddings, or parties thrown to commemorate an opening or a closing, are all events that need printed materials. Invitations, response cards, identifications and directional signs are just some of the items you need printed for a party. If the party has larger themes you need displays and posters. There are no limits to how you might choose to honour or salute a special person or event. We have more information about why to opt for bespoke wedding invitations here and how to make the perfect winter wedding invites here

Suggestions: Invitations, response cards, identifications, directional signs, displays and posters


If a conference is where several ideas and presentations come together, then seminars are where particular ideas get explored in depth. You'll need manuals and heavily bound explanations and descriptions. Brochures and pamphlets will be common. Participants will need badges and official identification. A seminar is where people go when they want a deeper understanding of a subject. The people attending will either be imparting wisdom or will have journeyed there to receive it. You can read our blog about the importance of branding for a business here. 

Suggestions: Manuals, bound volumes, brochures, pamphlets, Official ID, badges

Meetings and presentations

For all these major events, you can't forget the minor ones either. Not every meeting is for the general public. Annual board meetings or company presentations are vital moments in typical business life. They often need printing that goes beyond the company copy-machine or screen printer. If you have a major presentation or a meeting that seems make-or-break, you'll want first-rate materials. One-sheets, pamphlets, and even brochures may be in order. If your presentation is a major company event you may need name ID's, signage and displays. No matter what's necessary you should be prepared. A good idea is only as good as your presentation of it, and good printing can be the key to your success. You can read our blog about the relevant information that should be on your business card here. 

Suggestions: One-sheets, pamphlets, brochures, displays and name ID's

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