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How To Prepare Your Shop Post Lockdown

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We’ve all become accustomed to the idea of ‘the new normal’, and it really does look like that’s what it’s going to become as our lives are failing to go back to what we once knew.

Saying this, life has to go on, business is starting to resume, and we are now having to learn to adapt to our new lifestyles.

Here at Lanes, we understand that businesses and shops are having to change how they look and operate, so we’ve popped together a handy list of all the changes that you might need to consider when looking to re-open.

Hand Sanitiser Stations

This might seem like an obvious place to start, but it’s absolutely vital that you have hand sanitiser available as customers walk into your shop. Ensuring that your customers sanitise upon entry means that you can ensure the store is not only safe for others browsing, but also for the staff who are spending the most time in the shop.

A nice, branded touch to your hand sanitising stations are branded stickers on the bottles, letting people know what it is. Not only is it showing the contents of the bottle, but it’s also showing the thought and effort that you have taken when reopening during this tricky time to your customers.

In a survey undertaken by The British Retail Consortium, 28% of people have said that they feel nervous about physically going into shops. By pushing safety regulations, such as hand sanitiser, you are immediately putting an anxious customer at ease.

Floor Signs

With social distancing being relaxed to a minimum of one metre, the official advice is two metres for those who are shielding, meaning it’s still important to try and keep that distance wherever possible. As it’s only about the width of your average dining room table, it’s vital that these spaces are marked out, not only in the shop, but outside.

It’s inevitable that as consumers feel more comfortable going shopping again, that you will have to queue to get into a shop. Most high streets in the United Kingdom have been around for a while and were not built with outside queuing in mind. To ensure your customers know what shop they are in line for, create branded floor stickers that can be placed at the required social distance measure.


This very traditional form of marketing is absolutely essential in lockdown, mainly to let your customers know that you’re open again and welcoming people onsite. Not only are this, but they are also a great way to show your customers that you are open, but complying to all the Government guidelines with regards to opening your business. 

Signs are also a great way to tell people what you are doing as a business to safeguard staff and customers, such as only using contactless payment where possible, or perhaps an adjusted returns policy. 

This is also a great way to promote your brand to a new audience. Since lockdown started, 30% of consumers started shopping locally, and 80% of those are intending to continue to do so, meaning that it’s a great time to promote and market! We can advise on a number of aspects such as how colour affects marketing, recyclable packing , bespoke printing and even why your business needs bespoke diary printing.

Prepping for Post Lockdown

Here at Lanes Printers, we’re an independent family run business, so we understand the importance of being able to pick yourself and your business up after such an unexpected stop in revenue. With in-house designers available, we can help build the right messaging post-lockdown. Please also read our blog about launching a limited company during lockdown.

To read more about the services that we offer,click here, or to get in touch click here. Together, we can rebuild.

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