Pharmaceutical Printing

Lanes Printers supply over 12 million miniature

leaflets to the pharmaceutical industry each year.

We specialise in creating leaflets and printed cartons for pharmaceutical companies from around the country. Consistency is our aim, helping to maintain business reputation and provide information in a clear and efficient manner.

We have a B1 perfecta presses which can print both sides of the sheet in one pass. We use on press colour management systems to ensure colour consistency and correct corporate identity.

Specialising In


Different Sizes

We can print onto paper that folds down all the way to 20mm, saving space both inside the carton and on the instruction leaflet itself.


Folding Options

Our wide range of folding options allows plenty of choices when it comes to forming your own box and leaflets. Whether you need miniature folded leaflets, booklets or instruction manuals, we will always tailor to your needs.


Stitched Booklets

We also supply a range of small stitched booklets instead of the usual leaflets. This can really make your business stand out.


Colour Continuity

Our sophisticated colour management system helps maintain a consistent colour scheme throughout the entire printing process. This works across multiple printed products, ensuring you get consistent results every time.

Visually Appealing

Lanes Printers supply millions of micro leaflets to the pharmaceutical industry. Every one of them is both visually appealing and easy to read.


Providing as much information as possible on a small piece of folded paper is a fine art and Lanes have spent many years perfecting it.


Communicating key information to patients is crucial in pharmaceutical packaging. This is why all our leaflets can be printed in multiple languages.


All our leaflets are designed to be multi-fold, allowing it to fit into the tightest packaging space. This gives room to fit both product and instructions for use.


Always In House

We keep print in-house which means your company branding stays consistent and will all come from one place. This allows greater control of the colour of your logo, fonts and corporate branding between printed leaflets, packaging and marketing print so consistency is never an issue. All our equipment is here, too, meaning we produce everything on site at our office in Broadstairs.

All leaflets printed to specifications

At Lanes, we take conformance very seriously. We aim for 100% conformance for every print job we run. We know how important it is for information to be printed clearly and professionally to help preserve a company’s reputation.


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Lanes Printers have extensive knowledge in printing. We have been in the business for over 100 years and are best placed to offer advice on the ideal print for your project.

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Special Packaging Requirements

We can offer special packaging requirements to help with your internal systems and handling. For instance, we supply leaflets bagged in 24s or 36s and also make bespoke sized trays to hold regularly ordered leaflets.

Featured Case Studies


Contact Lens Solution Manufacturer

We began working with a contact lenses solution manufacturer in 2011 following the closure of their previous supplier. They produced a wide range of solutions for worldwide distribution.


Stealth masks

Lanes Printers have recently worked with Stealth Mask to provide leaflets to accompany the air filtration masks that will be supplied to the NHS. Stealth’s P3 Half Mask as it offers 99%+ filtration efficiency.


Other Case Studies

We have printed extensively for plenty of UK pharmaceutical companies needing a printing supplier, including leaflets and packaging. View our other case studies to discover more of our work.

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