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The power of print in 2022

Does print still have a place in marketing in 2022?

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Are business cards still valued post-pandemic?

Before the pandemic, business cards were being printed globally. An article has questioned the future of business cards post-pandemic. Lanes Printers explores.

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Large printing you need for your business

Sometimes when you’re thinking about prints for your business, you want to go extra big and give it a flourish. Lanes Printers explores.

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Printing and product packaging

Businesses need proper marketing strategies to grasp customers' attention and stay on top of the industry. Packaging is a central part of any successful marketing campaign.

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What printed materials are needed for an event?

Printed materials can give you that lasting value and every event has its own needs. Lanes Printers can help with a variety of printing materials. We have produced a blog below!

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What is the best practice in saving files for print?

When using a printers, already having the knowledge of how to save files to print is great as it then speeds up the process and you may get your printed files quicker. Lanes explains.

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What is the future of printing?

In this digital age, printing may seem like it is becoming outdated. However, Lanes Printers are constantly evolving their printing technology to keep up with the times.

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Our sustainable message

Lanes Printers are always finding ways to become more sustainable but our message is simple. Our goal is to create a sustainable, better world for everyone.

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How to reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Reducing your carbon footprint is something all companies should be doing. Lanes are always looking for ways to decrease ours and want to help you too!

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2021 Pantone colours of the year

Lanes Printers can reveal the ‘Pantone colours of the year!’ We’re excited to use these in upcoming projects and printing services! Find out more in our blog.

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What makes the perfect wedding invitation?

Visually, the perfect wedding invitation needs to be clear and concise but, the aspect of printing must be considered too! Keep reading to reveal more.

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How Does Colour Affect Marketing?

The colour of things can affect the way you see and receive messages. This is why the colour of your marketing is important, keep reading to find out more.

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What Information Should Be On My Business Card?

Whether you’re a start up business or have been around for 50 years, knowing what information to put on your business card is vital. Lanes Printers reveals all.

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Silk Or Gloss: What’s The Best Finish Using Coated Paper?

Ever wondered what the best option for your printing is - Silk or Glossy? In this month's blog, Lanes Printers will show you.

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Antimicrobial Laminates

New antimicrobial laminates at Lanes Printers which resist antimicrobial growth. Read more.

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The Importance Of Branding For A Business

In this month’s blog, Lanes Printers discuss the importance of good, strong branding for your business.

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How To Prepare Your Shop Post Lockdown

In this month's blog, Lanes Printers are sharing their tips for the changes to expect when re-opening your shop post lockdown.

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Launching A Limited Company In Lockdown

If you’re launching a new product or service, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you get started, without leaving the comfort of your sofa!

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Questions to ask your printers, to ensure eco-friendly printing

If you want to print something but have concerns for the environment, we have put together some questions to ask your printers to help you be the most eco-friendly!

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The Benefits of Printed Marketing in a Digital World

Digital media has enormous reach, but does that make printed marketing obsolete? There are a surprising number of benefits to traditional printed marketing!

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5 Uses For Miniature Leaflets

There are multiple uses for miniature leaflets and we have assembled the best five. Check out our blog to find out more.

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How a Well-Designed Brochure Can Help Your Business

Brochures are grossly underestimated and often perceived as a waste of money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here’s how a brochure can help your business!

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Small Print Marketing Options For Your Business

In marketing, you can go big or you can go small. When you go small, you tend to produce better results. Here are some print marketing options for you to consider.

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A Handy Guide to Paper Sizes

There are many different paper sizes, but which can be best used for printing? At Lanes Printers, we’ve assembled a handy guide.

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What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail marketing is a business tactic that has been popular with companies for decades.

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What You Need to Create an Eye-catching School Brochure or Prospectus

At Lanes Printers, one of the areas we specialise in is producing print for educational institutions.

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Why Professional Design Is Important For Your Business

When it comes to the list of ‘start up’ priorities when launching a business, design is notoriously overlooked as an essential process...

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How to Make The Perfect Winter Wedding Invites

Ideally, your wedding day should be the best day of your life. A large part of your special day comes from the guests you have at the ceremony.

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The Importance of Recyclable Packaging

At Lanes, we use recyclable materials to create our fantastic bespoke packaging.

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Why We Use FSC-Approved Paper

At Lanes Printers, we use FSC-approved paper for all our printing needs.

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Top Tips for Bespoke Printing

Whatever your use for bespoke printed boxes, they can create a new and exciting experience for your clients or customers.

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Printing Technical Terms Explained

Whether you’ve recently had something printed or are planning on doing so, there are a lot of jargon terms that could quickly confuse a printing novice.

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Why your Business needs Bespoke Diary Printing

Diaries are the perfect opportunity for you to promote your business as they are used all through the year, with many people checking them every single day.

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Cardboard Packaging Vs. Plastic

It’s no secret that plastic packaging has a huge impact on the environment; it cannot biodegrade and attracts other pollutants.

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How We Saved the Day and Helped a Start-Up Magazine

At Lanes Printers, no job is too big nor too small, and we love to work with businesses that are both local and from afar.

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3 Top Tips for Perfect Magazine Printing

If you’re interested in magazine printing, you’re probably aware that it’s a long journey from the original idea to the final product.

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3 Reasons Why Bespoke Logo Design is Important

Whether you’re a start-up business or have been trading for many years, your company logo is an extremely important aspect to your branding.

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How does Foil Printing Work?

Sleeking is a digital print finishing method that allows us to transfer an image that specifically bonds to digital inks, creating dynamic special effects and designs.

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5 Reasons to opt for Bespoke Wedding Invitations

Bespoke wedding invitations are a great way to put your personality and wedding themes across to the recipient in a fun and unique way.

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The New Ramsgate Rocks Magazine

This month we have been kept busy and want to showcase the new and improved 2018 version of the Ramsgate Rocks magazine.

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The Importance of Quality Printing

High-quality printing is extremely important amongst branding, marketing and other business ventures.

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Our Latest Project on Sale at Crufts 2018!

Here at Lanes, we've recently been working on a fantastic project; the brilliant new hardback book, Magnificent Ming, by Shelagh Needham.

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Welcome to our new website!

With elegant design and ease of access, you will be able to see all of the services we provide, whether this be wedding stationary or a magazine...

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